Presentations of the Final Conference

Here you can find the presentations from the final INPROFOOD conference:

Introduction and Welcome
Klaus Hadwiger
01_Introduction and Welcome (Klaus Hadwi
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Characterisitcs of the Current Processes and Structures in 10 countries
Lada Timotijevic
03_Characteristics of current processes
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INPROFOOD Methods in Context
Ludger Benighaus
04_INPROFOOD methods in context (Ludger
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EASWs France
Fabien Boulier
05_EASWs Case study France (Fabien Bouli
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EASWs Italy
Giuseppe Pellegrini
05_EASWs Italy (Giuseppe Pellegrini).pdf
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EASWs Nordic Countries
Derek Byrne
05_EASWs Nordic Countries (Derek Byrne).
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Stakeholder Views on the Food and Health Dilemma and Research Funding
05_Stakeholder views on the food and hea
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An European Open Space Conference on Food and Health
Ludger Benighaus
06_An European Open Space Conference on
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Serious Games - Novel Insights in the Food and Health Dilemma Through PlayDecide Games
Maria Zolotonosa and Raymond Gemen
07_Serious Games - Novel Insights in the
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Making Impact - Policy Recommendations for EU Member States
Susanna Kugelberg
08_Making Impact - policy recommendation
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Introductory Presentation Christopher Birt
Christopher Birt
09_Introductory Presentation Christopher
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Introductory Presentation Michelle Holdsworth
Michelle Holdsworth
09_Introductory Presentation Michelle Ho
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Introductory Presentation Wayne Martindale
Wayne Martindale
09_Introductory Presentation Wayne Marti
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Horizon2020 - Food and Health Related Topics
Dieter Brigitta
10_Horizon2020 - Food and health related
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Open Space Conference

Engaging stakeholders with different methods, and identifying what it is that the society wants when it comes to food and health related research, are the main aims of INPROFOOD. In this context, the consortium organised the European Open Space Conference with the title “How can we shape the future of research in food and health?”. The event took place in November 2013 in Brussels, Belgium, and attracted around 70 participants from 18 countries, representing a range of different stakeholder groups.

The podcast firstly explains what the Open Space methodology is all about, to then continue with setting out how the method contributes to the aims of the INPROFOOD project. The recording finishes with impressions of a number of participants, who share their views on the methodology, and what they find important topics for future research on food and health.

Podcast INPROFOOD (mp3 file)
podcast INPROFOOD Open Space Conference
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European Open-Space-Conferrence
Food and Health - Research 2020
How can we shape the future of research in food and health?

In fall 2013 (on 15th November) around 70 experts and stakeholders from all across Europe and beyond gathered to a full day at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in Brussels, Belgium. This conference was conducted as part oft the EU-project Inprofood, funded under the 7th framework of science and society.

The participants came from 18 different countries, mostly Europe, but also from as far as the US, Chile, Israel and Egypt, and brought in a wide spectrum of expertise and cultural backgrounds. Looking at their affiliation, they represented various groups, ranging from NGOs of the food and health sectors, industry associations, companies of food production, scientists and public authorities including ministries.


The conference was based on the Open-Space-Technology, which was developed in the US in the 1980s based on the insight that mutual learning is best done with some structure, but
with as much freedom as possible.

The conference was guided by the heading and slogan "Food and Health - Research 2020", and right at the start the participants developed their own agenda according to their areas of interest and expertise.

There were 18 workshops in the course of the day, covering important and exciting areas in food and health, such as education, involvement of citizens, eating patterns and partnerships between industry and science.

The Open Space Conference was conducted by
DIALOGIK Stuttgart, Germany
University of Hohenheim, Germany
EUFIC, Brussels, Belgium
SPI Porto, Portugal

Poster Open Space Conference
OSCposter2_A0_V3 060314.pdf
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PlayDecide Games now running in 11 countries

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet


Targeted at young people, interactive games have been created that evolve around controversial topics in the field of food and health. The games are designed to facilitate the take-up of participatory methods, exchange experiences and knowledge. Through dialogue and listening to different points of view the participants realise the complexity of policymaking.

PlayDecide is a proven method to stimulate debates and policy positions of a given group on controversial scientific topics; the size and the flexibility of the game (15 persons, 2 hours) complements the Scenario Workshops, reaching out different kinds of publics, yet keeping a methodological coherence.

The results of the PlayDecide Games will be linked to and serve as input for the development of the Action Plan in WP4 to complement the EASWs for the target group of young people. The PlayDecide Games are coordinated by our partner ECSITE and will elicit the opinions and viewpoints of young people from following countries (locations):
Croatia (Aquis)
Czech Republic
Estonia (AHHAA)
France (Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (ESPGG)/TRACES)
Germany (Deutsches Museum München)
Israel (Bloomfield Science Museum)
Italy (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci (MUST), Tecnoscienza, and Associazione Googol)
Norway (Vitenparken)

Slovenia (Hisa Eksperimentov)

Spain (Museos Científicos Coruñeses MC2, and MUDIC), and the
UK (Centre for Life, and At-Bristol)

The PlayDecide Game can be found here.
For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Maria at ECSITE or the INPROFOOD Coordinator.

External events

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 Priority environmental contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception
Priority environmental contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception

INPROFOOD is happy to support the GHI Working Group 'Nutrition'